Our Story

We are a team of athletes and fashion apparel professionals who have long felt the lack of fashionable apparel options for men with athletic physiques. The number 24, a number worn by countless sports icons, game changers, and hall of famers is a source of inspiration for us and a commitment that our drive for excellence will never sleep. We are here to change the clothing game for the athletes of the world.

We strive to create fashionable clothing for athletic lifestyles that provides the same feeling of invincibility you get when pulling a jersey over your head on game day. Our shirts are the most versatile and fashionable you’ll ever wear, capable of taking you through 18 holes of golf, a full sprint through the airport to catch a flight or setting yourself apart on a night out with friends.

As athletes, we understand the role clothing plays in bringing out the best in yourself. We provide fashionable, excellent fitting and technologically advanced apparel to men with athletic bodies, mindsets and lifestyles. We cater to the fitness- and fashion-minded, creating products that make them feel as confident, comfortable, and performance-ready off the field as the gear they play, train, and compete in.

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Our Commitment

Brand Two Four is committed to the belief that we can motivate and embolden an entire community of athletes to reach beyond their perceived limits and constraints by creating better performing apparel, sparking creativity through style, and helping to better our community by giving back to those who need it most. Our team is truly dedicated to the art of predicting trends, selecting fabrics, designing prints, developing patterns, and making products with an acute attention to detail.

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